It is easy to fall in love with the Sapphire Coast, and we don’t just mean the beautiful beaches, although that would help! The Sapphire Coast is a picturesque stretch of white sand beaches and aquamarine seas that hugs the New South Wales coast from Bermagui in the north to Eden in the south, providing endless opportunities for spectacular photographs.

The area features secluded bays and tidal pools, a playground for sailors, surfers, fisherfolk, kayakers, kiteboarders, and hikers. It also has sections of sand that are safe from significant swells and excellent for swimming. It also offers fantastic restaurants, beach resorts, world-class fish dishes, unique locations to whale watch, and swims with seals and villages with spectacular sea views. In conclusion, it’s a close-to-nature experience with all the creature comforts.

Where is the Sapphire Coast?

The Sapphire Coast is a stretch of coastline that hugs the middle of New South Wales between Bermagui and Eden. It also extends into charming settlements such as Bombala and Bega.

Canberra is the closest capital city to the Sapphire Coast. However, it’s a long way to Melbourne and Sydney, the two most populated cities in Australia. Generally, a weekend getaway is sufficient. As a result, the Sapphire Coast has some of Australia’s most untouched beaches.

10 must-see places on the Sapphire Coast (NSW)

The 10 places we’ve selected for this list are all located within close proximity to each other and can be visited on a day trip. But, despite the distance, these spots will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on any challenge that gets thrown at you. We guarantee it!

1. Blue Pool in Bermagui

The Blue Pool in Bermagui is one of nature’s gems. This is the most well-known ocean rock pool on the Sapphire Coast. It’s situated right along the rocky coast, and it’s quite beautiful.

The Blue Pool may be reached by climbing down a flight of steps. You can swim in the beautiful sea or take in the view from below. There’s also a viewing platform at the top of the cliff if you don’t want to go down.

2. Camel Rock in Bermagui

Camel Rock is a natural rock formation that’s perfect for pictures. Located in Bermagui, this unusual rock was created by the movement of the earth for over 450 million years.

The large, flat rock formation resembles a camel! When we drove up to this beach the first time, I was a little concerned. Would it appear like a camel? Of course, but I can assure you that it is a remarkable resemblance.

3. The historical village of Tilba

Tilba started as a gold mining camp in the late 1800s and has since thrived. Tilba will amaze you by enjoying tiny country towns with unique boutique shops. If you take a brief diversion off the Princes Highway, you’ll discover yourself in this lovely settlement.

As a heritage settlement, it was designated as such in 1975 and has since been preserved as a time capsule. Along the major route are bright log homes. They’ve been converted into everything from cafés to candy stores to clothes shops. You could easily spend an afternoon strolling about this pristine hamlet. If you go on a Saturday, don’t forget to pay a visit to the farmers’ market.

4. Whale watching cruise

Whales may be seen on the east coast of Australia each year as they migrate north and back. The Northern Migration begins in May and lasts until July. The Southern Migration takes place from August to November. It’s during this time that you’re most likely to spot whales since they’re making their way back to Antarctica with their new babies. The Sapphire Coast is one of the final stops along the coastline before entering the vast southern ocean.

While they may sometimes be seen from various vantage points along the coast, a whale watching trip is the greatest approach to see them up close. There are several cruise companies on the Sapphire Coast.

5. Iconic Tathra Wharf

The Tathra Wharf is a picturesque location of wood and bricks. It’s situated along the coast and has been around for approximately 150 years. If you’re visiting in whale-watching season, you might see some of these magnificent creatures playing right in front of you.

This spot has fantastic views, which makes it perfect for sunset photographs. In addition, you can enjoy live music at the pub with a local drink. If you go early in the morning or stay late in the evening, there’s also an excellent chance that you’ll see a fisherman hauling in a big catch!

6. Pambula Beach

The beautiful beach at Pambula is renowned for its unspoiled sand and native fauna. This is the area where we’ve seen a lot of kangaroos. We even spotted an echidna on the beach once. The further you go from the town centre, the fewer people you’ll meet on this lovely stretch of coastline. This is a great place to do some boogie boarding or take a relaxing walk with your family.

It might also be worth your while to stop by one of the many shops or cafés in Pambula Village before heading out onto the beach. In addition, there are several sections of endangered coastal heath that protect local indigenous fauna and flora. You can wander through these paths safely as they’ve been secured so that nobody will disturb them.

7. Eden Killer Whale Museum

That is sad to say, but it resulted in the area being a prominent site for whale hunting. Although whaling has now been forbidden, visit this one-of-a-kind museum to learn more about whales in Eden’s history.

You’ll also learn all about these magnificent creatures in this thrilling museum. You’ll be treated to some fantastic old stories, as well as a massive orca skeleton to see at the entryway. To top it off, there’s a gigantic orca skeleton to view at the entrance, the Old Tom killer whale.

8. Incredible Pinnacles

The Pinnacles of the Sapphire Coast are a breathtaking crimson and white cliff face. It was formed over 25 million years ago, presumably due to an ancient water table. On a clear day, it’s a one-of-a-kind sight. The contrast of a brilliant blue sky against the crimson and white is fantastic. The Ben Boyd National Park includes the Pinnacles, about 20 minutes south of Merimbula. There is an easy walking trail from parking to the lookout point (a 1km loop). If you’re a more experienced hiker, you can also wander along the coastline.

This area is a great place for fishing and camping as well. There are six sites available at the national park. We recommend taking some time to stop at the store before coming here to stock up with any food or water supplies that you’ll need. This stunning coastal attraction will be one of your most treasured memories from Australia if you love nature!

9. Platypus in Bombala

The tiny settlement of Bombala is about an hour and a half inland from Merimbula. However, for the chance to glimpse the mythical platypus, this destination makes the top 10 things to do on the Sapphire Coast.

We had not seen a platypus in the wild before visiting this village. It isn’t easy to comprehend for two Aussies born and bred! But, we had to make it right, so we went to Bombala. Head to the Bombala Platypus Reserve and look for this gorgeous animal while you try your luck. You’re more likely to spot them swimming about early in the morning or late afternoon. However, we were fortunate enough to see some even during the middle of the day.

10. Bega Cheese Heritage Centre

The Bega Cheese Heritage Centre, a must-see for visitors to the Sapphire Coast, isn’t your trip complete until you’ve seen it. The facility is a shrine to all things cheese and is located on the site of the local factory. There is a café and lots of Bega goods for sale on the ground floor. Upstairs there is a museum where you can learn all about the history of Bega Cheese.

The tale begins with a local dairy farmer’s wife, the first to produce cheese. Her husband then began making it commercially, and now Bega Cheese is well-known throughout Australia.

Final Words

If you’re looking for things to do on the Sapphire Coast, we hope that this list has helped you. Be sure to visit the sites that are most appealing to you! If you plan a trip to Sapphire Coast, NSW, and require large open green spaces, dedicated nature areas (like our kitchen garden & chicken run), and genuinely welcoming and stylishly designed, unique accommodation options, then Book Now.