Environmental Statement for Tathra Beach Eco Camp

At Tathra Beach Eco Camp, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices, protecting the environment, preserving wildlife and caring for community.

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, and green environment for our guests with a focus on conservation. We will respect the traditional custodians of the land, the  Djiranganj people of the Yuin nation and honour their connection to country.  We aim to encourage their sharing of culture and education with our visitors.

To achieve this, we make 4 promises:

1. Honoring Traditional Custodians: We acknowledge and respect the Djiranganj people as the traditional custodians of the land on which we work, rest, and play. We actively encourage their sharing of culture and education to visitors, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

2. Conservation as Our Priority: The preservation and protection of our native fauna and flora are paramount. Conservation is our first priority in all decision-making processes and business operations. We strive to maintain the ecological balance and biodiversity of the property and local area.

3. Sustainable Choices: We tread lightly on the earth by making sustainable and sensitive choices in all our property improvements. Our aim is to minimise our ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices throughout our operations.

4. Community Engagement: We give back to our community through volunteering and sponsorship. We actively support local initiatives, community groups and organisations,  dedicated to environmental conservation and community development.


To fulfill these promises, we have implemented environmentally sustainable business practices:

  • No Chemicals: We use only environmentally friendly products and essential oils for cleaning , we avoid harmful chemicals that could damage the environment.
  • No Single-Use Plastic: We have eliminated the use of new single-use plastics throughout our camp. We encourage guests to bring reusable items and provide alternatives for single-use plastic items.
  • Less Paper: Our offices and amenities use only recycled paper, reducing our reliance on virgin materials. We email rather than print all receipts and letters and communicate online via in-house sms system, discouraging the need for paper copies.
  • Recycling Stations: We have established recycling stations throughout the camp, making it easy for guests and staff to separate commingled recyclables, paper and cardboard recycled materials from general waste.
  • Compost and Green Waste Collection: We provide compost and green waste collection facilities for guests in our accommodation, camp kitchen and vegetable garden,  promoting organic waste recycling and reducing landfill.
  • Solar and Green Power: We utilise solar energy and green power sources to minimise our reliance on non-renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our main reception building, offices and managers residence buildings are completely off grid with 23 solar panels, a battery power station and back up generator. We offer an unplugged camping zone and use low wattage, energy efficient appliances and solar lighting.
  • Water Collection: We have implemented water collection systems to utilise rainwater for various purposes, reducing our impact on local water resources.
  • Native and Endemic Replanting Program: We have an intensive native and endemic replanting program to replace trees lost in bushfires, restore natural habitats and promote biodiversity.
  • Wildlife Protection and Conservation Zones: We have designated protected areas, have installed nesting boxes and have implemented habitat management practices to safeguard wildlife and their natural habitats. We support the efforts of our local Wires network. We are a pet free property to reduce unnecessary stress to threatened and endangered species.
  • Buy Close By 1st Policy: We prioritise sourcing local products and services to support the local economy and reduce transportation-related emissions.
  • Recycle, Reuse, Resourceful Building Policy: We incorporate recycling, reusing, and resourceful building practices to reduce the loss of native forest,  minimise waste and maximise the use of sustainable materials.
  • Eco Hot Water Systems: We have installed energy-efficient hot water systems to reduce energy consumption, water and to promote sustainability.
  • Acknowledgment of country- We strive to listen to and educate our team and visitors to holiday on country with respect. We encourage the sharing of traditional culture and practises. We engage with our local Djiranganj people. We have knowledge sharing at the cultural site and offer yarn time, have bush tucker talks, use local language and share our appreciation  of respecting country, culture and traditions.
  • Our community: We volunteer for and sponsor local events, we support and sponsor Tathra Surf Life saving club, Tathra Lions, Tathra land care, Tathra MTB club, Tathra sporting clubs. We are committed to caring for our community, it’s people, economy and environment.Alongside these measures, we are committed to constantly improving and educating our staff and visitors about environmental practices. We strive to provide everyone who stays with us a safe, clean, and green environment, ensuring a memorable and sustainable experience at Tathra Beach Eco Camp.